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This 4 oz. bottle of ALL natural essential oil bug spray repels mosquito, bees, flies, no-see-ums, ticks, and fleas. It smells wonderful with hints of lavender, peppermint, thyme with a special blend.

It is environmental, child, and pet friendly.  BEST SELLER



this spray has ylang ylang, bergamot and a special blend of essential oils that brings forth a feelings of happiness while sitting under a full moon.  This spray was made under the energy of the Aquarious full eclipsed moon while being infused with reiki energy to promote a happy, healing feeling.  Quantities are limited

Aquarious Moon Spray



Essentially Speaking!  Oils

We are proud advocates  of doTERRA Essential Oils.  doTERRA is 100% pure therapeutic grade oils that is 3rd party tested for quality.  dOTERRA maintains a high standard and quality while being environmentally responsible.  Their charity and reputation are all part of their core values in which they are proud of and so are we.  We at Simply Native Wellness feel that we have a responsibility to our environment, mother earth and call upon you to partner with us to reduce toxins and reduce our carbon foot print.   PLEASE shop our oils.

What Our Customers Are Saying

My favorite preventive bug spray.  I've been using this bug spray from Simply Native Wellness, it has worked for me in Florida, Atlanta and during softball games.  I can't say enough!  Product ships to me immediately!

Clara Cisneros, California


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the bug spray!

Nicole Maloley, Nebraska


Thank you Simply Native for making bug spray that I can use on myself and my pets.

Caela, California

Last year my niece sent me this bug spray made of natural oils to take to Indonesia.  Mosquitos love me there.  Using the oils I did not get bitten once!

Ratna Ramirez, California


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