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A mother and a daughter supporting, encouraging and honoring each other's journey

to wellness 

Our Story

We  love every minute of our journey


An Idea Is Born

We started Simply Native Wellness out of inspiration to create an all natural bug repellant using essential oils that is non toxic for humans, animals and our environment.  It is our intention to continue to research and provide products that reduce our toxic load on our bodies, the environment, our fur babies while enriching our lives with mind, body and balance.


It is easier to say what I am not allergic to verses what I am, and believe me my list is long.  This is what inspires me to provide products that have the least amount of ingredients, all natural, and organic.  We believe our bodies are amazing healing machines given the right nourishment, self care, products and practices.  I'm so honored to have this opportunity to experience this journey with my partner, friend and best of all my mom.   Would you like to know more about nutrition?  Ask me


Between the both of us we have 4 dogs,  Sloopy a labradoodle who we secretly believe is alien, Browndog is a Carin Terrier mix rescued from the Iowa floods 9 years ago, Woody is a yorkie mix rescued from Winnemucca, Nevada, and Lucy is my French Bulldog/Boston Terrier who is the baby of the pack. They are a hugh part of our family and we make products with their safety and well being in mind.  Visit our site often to stay informed of their activities and shenanigans and new pet blends.


From Green Market to Webfront

We started selling our all natural bug spray, chakra spray, household cleaning spray, sunburn soother, hand guard sanitizer, roller balls and so much more at green market.  Now our intention is to expand our vision and open our door and invite you to our new online shop!  WELCOME!

We Will Always Provide Quality Service and Products

We love sharing our love of essential oils which reflects in our products.  Service and Quality are important to us because we feel a spiritual connection to our products, we want you to feel connected too.

 You are what you eat.......Ask us how you can integrate a conscious whole eating ritual plan.

We offer natural AromaTouch and holistic Reiki therapy  for mind, body and spirit


© 2018 Simply Native Wellness, LLC

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